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Is Your Teen Hiding Drugs in the Bedroom?

  September 15, 2015   No comments

The Hanover Mall in Boston, Massachusetts is taking a new approach at teaching parents where their children may be hiding drugs and alcohol in their bedrooms. The mall has staged

Instant EtG Tests in Development

  September 14, 2015   No comments

Most people believe breathalyzers or blood tests are the only way to find out if a person has consumed alcohol. They may also believe it is only possible to determine

Some Parents Unaware of E-Cigarette Dangers

  September 11, 2015   No comments

According to new research, many parents are not aware of the danger their e-cigarette fluids poses to their children. Parents who use e-cigarettes tend to have excess liquid in stock

Teens Not Deterred By Alcohol Advertisements

  September 10, 2015   No comments

There are currently strict guidelines in place for advertising tobacco and alcoholic substances to minors. These guidelines state that the people featured in the ads must be 25 years or

Talk to Children About Alcohol Before Nine Years Old

  September 9, 2015   No comments

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should begin talking with their children about alcohol at as early as nine years old. But why is this necessary at such

Drugs Sold over Social Media

  September 8, 2015   No comments

Drug dealers have a new way to get to their customers- through social media. Using code words, drugs like codeine and marijuana are sold through popular sites like Facebook, Instagram

Amazon Will Deliver Alcohol to Your Door

  September 4, 2015   No comments

Amazon Prime is jumping on the alcohol delivery service bandwagon. The company has started testing out its one-two hour delivery service in the state of Washington, the only state in

National Recovery Month 2015

  September 3, 2015   No comments

Every year, September is recognized as National Recovery Month. It is a month dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness on the issues of substance abuse and mental illness,

Does Quitting Smoking Lead to Weight Gain?

  September 2, 2015   No comments

It is common knowledge that quitting smoking often leads to weight gain. But it seems some people gain more than others once they kick the habit. Is it possible to

Most Dentists Feel They Should Conduct Drug Screenings

  September 1, 2015   No comments

A majority of dentists feel it is their responsibility to question patients about illicit drug use, according to a new study conducted by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.