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What to Do If You Could Be Described as a ‘Dry Drunk’
22 July

As a rule, you would never find us describing a person as a “drunk” on this blog. It’s unkind and

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You Are Not Alone: Memoirs of Substance Use Disorders
10 June

The struggles that come with a substance abuse disorder can feel very isolating. Maybe you feel like no one understands

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It Pays to Get Treatment – But How Will You Pay For Treatment?
16 May

You may find it easy to come up with reasons to avoid going to treatment for your substance use disorder

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Know the Signs of Substance Use Disorder
16 April

It is no secret that a substance use disorder can upend a person’s life. But sometimes people who are struggling

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A Lasting 2021 New Year’s Resolution
31 December

It’s the last day of 2020. Tonight lots of people put their lives into perspective and they try to figure

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Spread Positivity Today and Everyday
14 December

Every day it feels harder than ever to escape thoughts of health, money and the unknown. Anxiety and stress levels

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Addicted to cough syrup
3 December

It is not just prescription drugs that are a hazard in your medicine cabinet. With peak flu season approaching more

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Acupuncture in Recovery
20 November

Acupuncture is an effective holistic approach to addiction recovery, especially in early stages such as detoxification. This Chinese tradition has

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Take a Hike!  
18 November

If you missed #NationalTakeAHikeDay yesterday, it’s not too late to “take a hike” this week. Get outside and take advantage

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Enabling vs. Helping an Addict
3 November

Enabling and helping are different terms, but are often are confused. Enabling an addict is doing things for them that

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