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Meet our Addiction Recovery Specialists, here to assist you. If you are a professional, family member or friend of someone needing help for substance abuse, please feel free to call any of our representatives for help and guidance.


Sean Kolins

Sean Kolins, MBA, Addiction Recovery Specialist Southern New Jersey Region

Sean Kolins, MBA, is an Addiction Recovery Specialist for Seabrook in the Southern and Central New Jersey Regions. Sean earned an MBA from Utica College and an Economics degree from Rutgers University. Sean is a certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), a Certified Fraud Investigator and is a member of the ACFE. Sean’s successful career experiences, enhanced sales and marketing strengths, corporate business development success, and professionalism have enriched the premier Seabrook program. Sean is certified in The Foundations of SBIRT, a course approved by NAADAC, NBCC, and NASW. Please contact Sean at 609-501-8996 or [email protected] if you would like to schedule a business meeting with Sean or for a tour of Seabrook.

Caitlin MacAllister, Addiction Recovery Specialist,

Caitlin MacAllister

Caitlin MacAllister, Local Community Liaison

Cailtin is an Addiction Recovery Specialist for Seabrook in Southern Pennsylvania. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rowan University and is currently working on a master of business administration from Wilmington University. Caitlin spent the past five years as a Senior Care Manager at Seabrook where she was responsible for new employee training and orientation; developing individualized aftercare plans for clients; and providing referrals for inpatient programs, outpatient programs and private counseling. Please contact Caitlin at 302-772-2111 or [email protected] if you would like to schedule a business meeting or tour Seabrook.

Megan Crooke - Director of Business Development at Seabrook

Megan Crooke

Megan Crooke, MBA, Addiction Recovery Specialist

In 2011, Megan earned a Global Masters in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Boston with studies in Singapore and Brazil. In 2013, Megan began her work in Clinical Outreach at Seabrook. Prior to working at Seabrook, Megan worked at a boutique research firm focused on qualitative pharmaceutical research. Megan is a certified yoga instructor, and avid traveler. Megan can be reached at 973-951-5099 or [email protected].

Rick Halverson - Addiction Recovery Specialist

Rick Halverson

Rick Halverson, Addiction Recovery Specialist

Rick Halverson grew up in southern New Jersey, where he loved sports, community, and friends. He is in long-term sobriety and believes in a life of service. Throughout his career, he has been focused on passionately helping others who struggle, as well as their families. Rick is very excited to be part of the Seabrook team, because he believes in what Seabrook was, is, and will always be…a place of hope!