Do IV ‘Cures’ For Hangovers Enable Alcoholism?

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Do IV ‘Cures’ For Hangovers Enable Alcoholism?

A new trend in curing a bad hangover is on the market. It is called “hydration therapy,” and it involves getting an IV of saline fluids injected directly in your blood stream. The therapy is described as being ‘quick and cheap,’ only lasting thirty minutes and costing less than $200. This therapy is offered in many urgent care clinics in major cities across the United States. Multiple patients a week arrive at clinics for hydration therapy, which supposedly takes away the symptoms of a hangover. Some of these patients are frequent visitors to clinics, consuming large amounts of alcohol on a weekly basis.

This trend is catching on, with companies even offering at-home services of the treatment. But some physicians are taking notice with this trend and are not happy with it. Many claim that providing these treatments, especially to frequent patients, is enabling their alcoholism. It gives them an easy cure for their problem and does not make them face the consequence of a bad hangover. Physicians against these treatments are urging them to be banned. They suggest the clinics that offer these services show patients recovery options for their alcoholism instead.



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