Having an Attitude of Gratitude

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Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Whether we realize it or not, having gratitude changes the way we interact with the world. It promotes the thoughts and behaviors that support our recovery. It is helpful to try to shift your mindset to focus on being grateful for something each day. In early recovery we make choices to give up one way of life and embrace another. Rather than dwelling on things that addiction has taken away, try to think about the new opportunities that recovery can open up. Rather than wanting bigger and better things and rushing through the day TRY RELAXING and take time to concentrate on what is good in your life and what makes life great. Assume that you are entitled to nothing, and anything like a laugh with a friend or watching a beautiful sunset is a blessing that makes another day of sobriety worthwhile.
Some days your gratitude may be as simple as just being grateful to be alive. Helping others is also a form of gratitude, doing something for someone and expecting NOTHING in return. It is very easy to fall back into old patterns of self-pity, resentment, and negativity, but these feelings can lead to isolation and a return to addictive behaviors. Negativity fuels the disease of addiction, gratitude nurtures recovery. When you don’t numb out feelings and face obstacles head on, knowing you will never achieve perfection, but know that you can learn from your mistakes. So just try to take a moment each and every day to have an attitude of gratitude.


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