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Positive Text Messages Used to Reduce Binge Drinking
7 January

What is one thing most young adults always have with them? Their cell phones. It is their connection to their

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Frozen-Themed Kids Drink Discontinued
6 January

The UK based store Home Bargains has discontinued the production of the Frozen-themed children’s drink that is sold in a

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Does Legalized Marijuana Lower Alcohol Use?
5 January

The use of marijuana continues to rise as it is legalized in many states. The drug is legal for recreational

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A New You (I Mean Year)
4 January

A fresh start! There are no flaws, no broken promises, no tears, no hardships or friendships thrown by the wayside.

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Make Sobriety Your New Year’s Resolution
30 December

The holidays have come and gone, and you may now be realizing that you overindulged. Not on cookies or pumpkin

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Graphic Images on Cigarette Packages
29 December

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently requires health warning labels on all cigarette packaging in the United States. Although

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How Do We Know?
28 December

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist When I got sober I started to notice I had this thing inside of

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Should Parents Allow Teens to Drink at Home?
23 December

Many parents believe that introducing children to alcohol in their own homes will lower the likelihood of them abusing the

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Most Prescriptions Written By Family Doctors
22 December

Most Schedule II opioids are prescribed by general practitioners, according to a study by Stanford University published in JAMA Internal

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Celebrating the Holidays Clean and Sober
21 December

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Holidays can be a hard time of year for an addict or alcoholic.  In

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