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Fraternity Members Not Swayed by Intervention
Seabrook | 1 June

The reputation of the Greek college system of fraternities and sororities is seen as full of partying and drinking. Studies

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Alcohol Taxes and Excessive Drinkers
Seabrook | 24 May

There are many contrary opinions on increasing taxes on alcohol. Some believe it will discourage people from drinking, thus reducing

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Sharing the Story
Seabrook | 23 May

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Why do we share our stories? What is the point? Some may think it’s

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Does Drinking Make You Happier?
Seabrook | 20 May

A Smartphone application called “Mappiness” and data from the British Cohort 1970 Study (BCS70) look into if alcohol can make

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Young Children Exposed to Alcohol Ads
Seabrook | 18 May

Young children are being exposed to at least two alcohol advertisements per day, according to a study published in the

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Alcohol Content on TV Influences Underage Drinkers
Seabrook | 3 May

Unlike tobacco companies, alcohol companies are free to advertise their products on television. By doing so, they are exposing their

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Jello Shot Users More Likely to Drink Heavily
Seabrook | 2 May

Jello shots, which are jello mixed with hard liquor in a small shot glass, are a standard at both high

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Low Income Areas Need Recovery Resources
Seabrook | 25 April

Drug use in low-income and resource-poor communities is much more prevalent than in communities with access to employment and strong

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Prom Night and Alcohol Use
Seabrook | 19 April

As prom season gets underway, parents begin to worry about the safety of their children on this special night. It

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Lean On Me
Seabrook | 18 April

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist I can remember at the end of my active addiction, my run was lonely

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