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Overweight Young Girls Likely to Use Substances Early
Seabrook | 30 June

Physical and mental characteristics in childhood have often been linked to substance abuse later in life. Most recently, obesity in

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Prediction of Heavy Alcohol Use
Seabrook | 29 June

New research finds that we may be able to predict which adolescents and teenagers will become heavy alcohol consumers, according

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Parenting Techniques Influence Teenage Alcohol Consumption
Seabrook | 27 June

Children that act impulsively are often labeled as problem children that will likely continue with their impulsiveness later in life,

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Substance Use in Middle School Leads to High School Problems
Seabrook | 24 June

Youths that begin drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in middle school are likely to have mental health problems and academic

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College Students Have Alcohol Identities on Social Media
Seabrook | 22 June

College students posting on social media sites about their alcohol use may have alcohol-related problems, according to a study published

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Just Keep Swimming
Seabrook | 20 June

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Not only is it now summer time and we are swimming but the new

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Hepatitis C Patients Likely to be Former Drinkers
Seabrook | 14 June

People living with hepatitis C are more likely to be either a former or current excessive alcohol consumer, according to

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Laughter is Key!
Seabrook | 13 June

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Did you ever realize how important laughter is? I didn’t until I got sober

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Link Found Between Light Drinking and Breast Cancer
Seabrook | 3 June

A new study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research finds all levels of alcohol consumption, even light levels, can

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Alcohol Ads on Social Media Influence Users
Seabrook | 2 June

Social media is such a constant in our lives today that people and companies don’t stop to think about how

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