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Sober Anniversaries

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

An anniversary in sobriety can mean more to a recovering addict than their own birthday. In a way, the first day we got clean and sober was a rebirth. For the newcomer, that sparkle in our eyes makes us unrecognizable to old friends. Many of us pick up new habits like working out and our physical appearance changes. For some, our new way of thinking also gives us better taste in clothes and make up. We learn how to express our thoughts using less foul language. We go back to school and get an education. Often, our friends are nicer. Even better, we actually have friends! Gifts we buy for others don’t get returned for cash and gifts we are given are used instead of traded in for drug money. So many changes occur when the addict gets clean, that this is just a sample of how good life gets. If we stay clean and sober, it means we’re doing the work. Every day we turn it over to a Higher Power and some days that’s not easy. The spiritual life is not an easy one, but it has many rewards. Happy Anniversary to every addict and alcoholic who got another day!



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