Reaching Out

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Reaching Out

One of the questions that was asked this past Alumni day was, “What do I do when I’m ready to use and I just don’t care?”  The response was, call somebody. It’s as simple as that. First you have to understand that this disease centers in your brain. You cannot wish it away, or even distract yourself enough to stop your brain from convincing you that picking up is ok, even if it means losing everything. The desire to drink or use sometimes looks better than everything we have worked for in sobriety, if our mind has given over again to the obsession. If we reach out , go to a meeting, include God in our struggle, we can get through another day. Lack of power is our dilemma. We have to reach out for help, even when we don’t want to, to get another 24 hours. That’s all we have, is today.



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