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What is Inpatient Residential?
17 January

We are striving towards a life without mood or mind-altering substances, but with each day comes new challenges. Unable to

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Gratitude and It’s Many Life Enhancing Benefits
27 November

Gratitude and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. With the big holiday tomorrow, have you considered what you are grateful for?

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Veterans Day – Remembering All Who Served
11 November

On Veteran’s Day, we honor the sacrifice millions of veterans have made physically and mentally. Too often, the wounds of

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Insurance Companies and the Opioid Epidemic
6 November

  Insurance companies are at a critical point right now. Do they continue their long-time practices, or assist in the

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9 October

Inpatient rehab centers are becoming more and more common. However, it is vital to make an informed decision when choosing

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family support
How to Help a Loved One Stay Sober
23 August

When someone you love has admitted they need help for their addiction and have entered treatment, you should admire them

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sober fun at night
How Can You Have Fun at Night Without Drinking?
16 August

In recovery, nighttime may take on an entirely new meaning as you contemplate life without drinking. After all, it’s common

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How to Get Better-Quality Sleep in Addiction Recovery
9 August

These days, almost every adult seems to be sleep-deprived, but lack of sleep is a particular challenge for people in

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Coming to Terms With Shame in Recovery
2 August

Everyone struggles with shame and guilt occasionally, but these feelings are especially common for those in early recovery. While you

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negative emotions
How to Handle Negative Emotions in Addiction Recovery
26 July

In the initial phases of drug recovery, you can initially feel as if you are on top of the world.

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