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No Matter What!

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

There came a point in my recovery journey when I realized it had been a whole year since I used a substance. I remember looking back thinking – How did I do that! Even more realizing I was not thinking about using everyday anymore! My entire life was all about getting and using but not for that last 365 days. When I woke up each day I knew I had made it one more day sober. This continued to happen as I went to meetings, built a sober network of friends and worked the steps with my sponsor. Before I knew it, I was not obsessing over drugs and I was making decisions wanting to do the right thing so I felt good about myself. It was incredible to realize I did not have to be under the influence to live life. My sober friends showed me how to get through holidays, birthdays and sadly even deaths sober. Today I am proud to say I do not have to run to a drink or drug just so I do not have to experience any feelings. Today I try to find a way to face them. So it is true when they say in the rooms of 12 step fellowships that we do not have to use no matter what.



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