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Ninety and Ninety

Blog Post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

When I entered rehab, I didn’t know anything about a program or a fellowship.  I did not know AA meetings were real. I thought they were made up things on television.  I never even heard of a NA meeting.  Is this all a joke?  Do I really have to do this for the rest of my life?  I heard a lot of sayings and clichés.  The one that really shocked me was the meaning of a 90 and 90.  You expect me to go to a meeting every day for 90 days??  Who has time for that?  Who would want to do that?  What is the point?  After a little protest and stomping my feet, I thought what do I have to lose?  Take the suggestion… and I did.  It became like a second home for me.  I saw familiar faces, and met new ones.  I was more comfortable at my meetings than I was at home.  I belonged, I was accepted, I was loved, I received hugs and genuine smiles.  Why would anyone NOT want this?  After my 90 and 90, I continued to go to meetings daily.  Now, coming up on 5 years clean, I still find myself making as many meetings as I possibly can.  I feel lost without them.  My body knows when I am lacking in my meeting attendance. My 90 and 90 went from something I laughed at to something I credit my life and sobriety to.



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