Marijuana Users Think It’s OK to Smoke and Drive

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Marijuana Users Think It’s OK to Smoke and Drive

A study conducted by RTI International and published in Health Education Research finds that marijuana users believe it is okay to drive while high, and that they will not get caught doing so.

These results come from surveys of over 1,300 marijuana users residing in Washington and Colorado in the year 2014. About 865 of the participants were marijuana users and had used the drug within the past thirty days. Sixteen percent of the participants were high at the time of the survey. The participants were questioned on whether they thought it would be safe to drive after smoking marijuana, and if they believed they would get caught. It was found that the users did believe it was safe and that they would not get into trouble or get caught.

These results are concerning due to the fact that marijuana causes drivers to swerve, have poor reaction time and pay less attention to the road. All of these things can lead to accidents and injuries.



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