Christmas Break From Recovery

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Christmas Break From Recovery

Blog Post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

For many people in recovery, this can be a particularly challenging time of year. It can also be a time where one could easily relapse by putting their recovery on “Christmas Break.” But did our using and drinking take a break? You are around certain family members you only see this time of year. They may drink too much, do too many drugs, or flat out drive us crazy! Maybe last year we were able to deal with this because we were drunk or high ourselves. But now what we are in recovery, it is way less tolerable. But this is nothing to get worked up about and nothing we cannot get through clean, especially with our recovery friends and plenty of clean holiday events. So plan your holiday the same way you would plan to get high or drunk for the Christmas. We should know it is okay to not go to certain family events where we will feel unsafe. Or, if we need to leave a party early, we could bring a friend also in recovery. Maybe even have an escape route ready as to why you need to leave early so you do not feel you have to explain yourself in depth or offend anyone. Keep your sponsor and networks phone numbers close by and do not be afraid to USE them! Find out where there are Holiday Marathon meetings, speaker jams, dances, or a holiday alcathon where meetings run around the clock and there are plenty of support from others in recovery. Lastly, it is important to remember an attitude of gratitude during the holiday. Let’s not forget why we got clean to begin with and keep that gratitude we are clean today. Make this holiday one we will actually remember! Happy Holidays!



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