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Addiction is a Family Disease

  February 13, 2020   No comments

Addiction is a Family Disease. Not only does it affect the person with Substance Use Disorder, each person their life touches is impacted. There is no specific guide book on

Veterans Day – Remembering All Who Served

  November 11, 2019   No comments

On Veteran’s Day, we honor the sacrifice millions of veterans have made physically and mentally. Too often, the wounds of war are not left on the battlefield. In 2010, 1.2

How to Help a Loved One Stay Sober

  August 23, 2019   No comments

When someone you love has admitted they need help for their addiction and have entered treatment, you should admire them for their courage and commitment. The journey toward improved health

How Can You Have Fun at Night Without Drinking?

  August 16, 2019   No comments

In recovery, nighttime may take on an entirely new meaning as you contemplate life without drinking. After all, it’s common for many people’s evening routines to include a few glasses

Coming to Terms With Shame in Recovery

  August 2, 2019   No comments

Everyone struggles with shame and guilt occasionally, but these feelings are especially common for those in early recovery. While you might assume shame is an excellent motivator for helping you

“Deaths of Despair” Reach All-Time Highs in the U.S.

  June 21, 2019   No comments

A sobering new report, released earlier this month by the Commonwealth Fund, sheds more light on the lack of progress we have made nationwide on curbing deaths related to drugs,

Why You Need to Be Goal-Oriented in Recovery

  June 14, 2019   No comments

While most drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have a well-defined end point, your recovery is something you’ll be actively working on for the rest of your life. And though managing

The Connection Between Substance Misuse and Social Anxiety Disorder

  June 7, 2019   No comments

People living with social anxiety disorder are especially vulnerable to substance abuse problems. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, up to 20 percent of all people with

The Benefits of Developing a Daily Recovery Practice

  May 31, 2019   No comments

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a lifelong process. To manage your illness and reclaim your health, you’ll need to recommit to remaining sober one day at

What Are HALT Addiction Triggers?

  May 24, 2019   No comments

Once you have completed a treatment program, you will need to diligently maintain your sobriety with a combination of self-awareness and self-care. Preventing relapse is key, especially for people in