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Drugs are only a Symptom of the Disease

  July 21, 2017   No comments

The disease of addiction was prevalent in my life before I ever picked up a substance. I can remember my friends and I riding bikes across town to shoplift from

Teens Remain Uniformed on Dangers of E-cigarettes

  May 9, 2016   No comments

Although teens are educated on the effects of underage drinking and cigarette use, vaping with e-cigarettes is barely mentioned, even though e-cigarettes are more popular than any other form of

Hookah Bar Employees Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

  February 19, 2016   No comments

Hookah, a water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco, is a popular alternative to e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. Smoking hookah is a social event, often done in a group

Vaping Searches Trending

  February 17, 2016   No comments

E-cigarette and ‘vaping’ searches are taking over the internet. The number of searches related to tobacco vaping products on engines like Google are increasing every year. In 2014, there were

World Health Organization Calls for Tobacco Free Movies

  February 11, 2016   No comments

In the third edition of Smoke-Free Movies Reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that all films that show smoking should be given an adult rating. By doing so, adolescents