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19 August

SEABROOK ANNOUNCES NEW MEDICAL DIRECTOR Dr. David P. Russo Accepts Top Medical Role   Seabrook, NJ— Seabrook, a non-profit, CARF-accredited,

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9 October

Inpatient rehab centers are becoming more and more common. However, it is vital to make an informed decision when choosing

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Love, Are You Addicted?
14 February

Love may be in the air, but are you drunk on love? Love as an addiction has been highly debated.

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Opioid Detox is the Beginning of Recovery
22 January

Opioids are prescribed to relieve pain. Unfortunately, they have addictive powers capable of causing more pain than relief. A recent

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Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!
20 December

The holidays are a time of great emotion. Those emotions can be enchanting or somber. Recovery is different for every

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Honoring Veteran’s Day
12 November

On Veteran’s Day, we honor the sacrifice millions of veterans have made physically and mentally. Too often, the wounds of

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Opioid Assistance Package Signed by President
26 October

The monumental opioid bill, H.R. 6: Support for Patients and Communities Act was signed by President Donald Trump on October

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Heroin Detox, is it for you?
18 October

The euphoric effects of heroin only last for so long. Eventually those with substance abuse disorder will face the pain

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National Coming Out Day is Today, Let’s Celebrate!
11 October

  National Coming Out Day has been celebrated on October 11th since 1988, exactly one year after the historic lesbian

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Remembering Bereaved Parents Awareness Month
2 August

Each year, 64,000 people die of drug related overdoses. That equates to 128,000 parents who lose a child, and 256,000

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