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Increased Marijuana Related ER Visits in Colorado
26 February

People visiting Colorado are more likely to end up in the emergency room for marijuana use than residents of the

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NTSB Proposes Lower Legal Limit on Blood Alcohol Content
5 February

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wants to lower the legal blood alcohol limit in 2016. They propose that the

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More Research Needed on Food Addiction
3 February

The term addiction is often associated with drugs and alcohol, but there are many more substances that one can become

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Drinking Habits and Financial Stress
8 January

When people are under financial stress, they sometimes turn to alcohol for comfort. This is heightened by loss of employment

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Does Legalized Marijuana Lower Alcohol Use?
5 January

The use of marijuana continues to rise as it is legalized in many states. The drug is legal for recreational

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Should Parents Allow Teens to Drink at Home?
23 December

Many parents believe that introducing children to alcohol in their own homes will lower the likelihood of them abusing the

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Most Prescriptions Written By Family Doctors
22 December

Most Schedule II opioids are prescribed by general practitioners, according to a study by Stanford University published in JAMA Internal

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Adolescents Influenced by Substance Use in the Environments
18 December

Findings from Duke University, published in the journal of Development and Psychopathology, find that adolescents are more likely to use

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Build Family Relationships to Lower Likelihood of Substance Abuse
15 December

Having an open relationship with your children may deter them from using drugs, according to a study published in Drug

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Strong Marijuana and Brain Matter
2 December

A new form of a popular drug is gaining attention across the country. The drug, which goes by nicknames like

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