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Addicts Self-Treating Withdrawal with Imodium

  May 4, 2016   No comments

A piece published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine finds that people are buying the over the counter medication Imodium to use to either get high or help treat withdrawal.

Alcohol Content on TV Influences Underage Drinkers

  May 3, 2016   No comments

Unlike tobacco companies, alcohol companies are free to advertise their products on television. By doing so, they are exposing their products to millions of people, many of which are underage

W-18: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug

  April 28, 2016   No comments

Health officials are growing concerned about the drug W-18, a powerful painkiller medication that is making its way into North America. The drug was developed in Canada over 30 years

Low Income Areas Need Recovery Resources

  April 25, 2016   No comments

Drug use in low-income and resource-poor communities is much more prevalent than in communities with access to employment and strong family relationships, finds a study published in Substance Use and

Lean On Me

  April 18, 2016   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist I can remember at the end of my active addiction, my run was lonely and depressing. I only had friends that wanted to use

National Alcohol Screening Day

  April 7, 2016   No comments

In hopes of detecting signs and symptoms of substance use disorders such as alcoholism, April 7th has been named National Alcohol Screening Day. Detecting substance use disorders early can help

Unnecessary Medications Prescribed After Surgeries

  March 28, 2016   No comments

Physicians are prescribing high amounts of opioid medications to patients after noninvasive surgeries, according to a study published in JAMA. These amount and dosage of the prescriptions may be unnecessary

“I’m Sorry!”

  March 15, 2016   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist When I first got clean, there was this “old timer” I learned from in the rooms that had been around for over a decade.

Video Games and Substance Use in Teens

  March 4, 2016   No comments

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the average gamer plays about eight hours of video games per week. In these video games, there are often images of substances

Alcoholic Soda Trend

  March 3, 2016   No comments

Sales of alcoholic sodas totaled $116 million in 2015, making it one of the top alcoholic trends of the year. Beginning with alcoholic root beer, this trend snow balled into