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Gratitude and It’s Many Life Enhancing Benefits
27 November

Gratitude and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. With the big holiday tomorrow, have you considered what you are grateful for?

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Enjoying Memorial Day Sober
24 May

Memorial Day. What comes to mind when you hear those words? The sound of firecrackers bursting, the smell of charcoal

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transitional living
What Is Transitional Living?
17 May

Though everyone with substance misuse disorders moves through recovery at different rates, the longer you spend in treatment, the greater

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Love, Are You Addicted?
14 February

Love may be in the air, but are you drunk on love? Love as an addiction has been highly debated.

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Resolutions, Who Needs Them Anyway?
11 January

Resolutions are so last year. Resolutions are hard to keep; they are either too ambitious or too obscure. Subtle lifestyle

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Seabrook’s Tips for a Sober 4th!
3 July

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Freedom is the will to be responsible for ourselves”. Freedom and responsibility often go hand-in-hand. Independence

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How Addiction is Portrayed in the Media
4 May

Addiction is often depicted on television in either a watered down or exaggerated manner. Directors arrange scenes suited for families

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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
26 April

Saturday, April 28th, 2018 will be recognized as National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. A large percentage of those addicted

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Integrating Virtual Reality into Rehabilitation and Recovery
13 April

The trending emerging technology in a vast majority of occupational fields is virtual reality. Professions ranging from marketing consultants to

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Restructuring Relationships Following Treatment
6 April

Step seven of the twelve step program begins the journey of self-discovery, and relationship building. The program encourages everyone to

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