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From the desk of Rebecca “Becky” Flood, Vice President of Treatment Services

  April 30, 2020   No comments

Seabrook’s Experience with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) From the desk of Rebecca “Becky” Flood, Vice President of Treatment Services The common conception of “hero” has drastically expanded in recent weeks.

Seabrook’s Experience with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  April 16, 2020   No comments

Seabrook’s experts continue to take a two team approach to stay ahead of the curve on COVID-19 at all Seabrook locations. Seabrook’s teams from quality, IT and clinical combat COVID-19

Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

  December 20, 2018   No comments

The holidays are a time of great emotion. Those emotions can be enchanting or somber. Recovery is different for every person. Additionally, everyone has different circumstances that construct their perception

Overdose Awareness Day Tribute

  August 31, 2018   No comments

Overdose Awareness Day is on August 31st. You may see purple ribbons all over your community. Strung along telephone poles, bulletin boards, and online purple ribbons will be plastered to

Remembering Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

  August 2, 2018   No comments

Each year, 64,000 people die of drug related overdoses. That equates to 128,000 parents who lose a child, and 256,000 grandparents. Dreams of the future are shifted to memories of

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Researching Addiction Treatment Centers

  June 7, 2018   No comments

Recently, HBO’S John Oliver aired a segment highlighting the unchecked substance abuse rehabilitation market. The clip forced viewers to become more attentive when it comes to rehabilitation advertising and reputation.

Women’s History Month: Honoring Ms. Peg Diehl

  March 30, 2018   No comments

  March is women’s history month. The most prominent woman in Seabrook’s rich 44-year history is Ms. Peg Diehl. Ms. Peg was not only monumental in Seabrook’s development, but the

A Lasting New Years Resolution

  December 23, 2016   No comments

It’s that time of year again. Once the end of December rolls around every year people start to put their lives into perspective and they try to figure out how


  October 7, 2016   No comments

On October 6, 2016 Seabrook joined a project of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey and The Community Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Morris, in cooperation with the

Summer Hurrah

  September 2, 2016   No comments

Labor Day weekend is generally the last kind of “summer hurrah” and lots of people are out traveling. Labor Day brings with it a chance to recognize hard work while