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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Co-Occurring Disorders
20 January

There is conflicting information provided by medical professionals on if it is safe to drink any amount of alcohol during

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Significant Number of Older Adults in Treatment
14 January

The population of adults over the age of 50 in treatment facilities is growing, according to a study by New

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Teen Drug Use Down, According to MTF Study
12 January

The results are in for the annual Monitoring the Future (MTF) study, and it looks like drug use among teens

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Drinking Habits and Financial Stress
8 January

When people are under financial stress, they sometimes turn to alcohol for comfort. This is heightened by loss of employment

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Positive Text Messages Used to Reduce Binge Drinking
7 January

What is one thing most young adults always have with them? Their cell phones. It is their connection to their

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Does Legalized Marijuana Lower Alcohol Use?
5 January

The use of marijuana continues to rise as it is legalized in many states. The drug is legal for recreational

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Should Parents Allow Teens to Drink at Home?
23 December

Many parents believe that introducing children to alcohol in their own homes will lower the likelihood of them abusing the

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Build Family Relationships to Lower Likelihood of Substance Abuse
15 December

Having an open relationship with your children may deter them from using drugs, according to a study published in Drug

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Women Are Consuming More Alcohol
8 December

Previous research has shown that men consume more alcohol than women. However, new findings by the National Institute of Health

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Marijuana Abusers Could Have Abnormally Shaped Hippocampuses
18 March

A new study published last week in the journal Hippocampus finds that young adults who smoked cannabis frequently as teens

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