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Deaths From Alcohol, Suicide and Overdose Reach Record High

  March 13, 2019   No comments

“Despair deaths” from drugs, alcohol or suicide have skyrocketed, reaching new peaks in the U.S., according to a report from Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust. The national

Bring Your Narcan Inside!

  February 8, 2019   No comments

  With freezing temperatures, it is important to bring your animals and Narcan inside. With a one to two year shelf life, it is easy to put your Narcan out

Fatal Drug ODs Soaring Among Middle-Aged Women

  January 23, 2019   No comments

Middle-aged American women are dying from opioid overdoses at an alarming rate, according to new data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rates of drug overdoses have quadrupled

W-18: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug

  April 28, 2016   No comments

Health officials are growing concerned about the drug W-18, a powerful painkiller medication that is making its way into North America. The drug was developed in Canada over 30 years

Synthetic Drugs Causing Overdoses in California

  April 6, 2016   No comments

A fatal batch of fentanyl-laced pills are circulating around California, specifically in the Sacramento County area. As of last week, there have been over 35 overdoses related to these dangerous

Researchers Emphasize Dangers of Benzos

  February 22, 2016   No comments

In 2013, benzodiazepine drugs, which are sedatives like Xanax, Valium and Klonopin, accounted for 31 percent of overdose deaths. According to research done by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine,

Overdose Reversal Kits Now Available to All U.S. High Schools

  January 28, 2016   No comments

A new initiative announced this past Monday by the Clinton Foundation makes an emergency opioid overdose reversal kit of every United States high school that wants it. The emergency opioid

Increase in Overdoses in Chicago

  October 7, 2015   No comments

This past week, Chicago saw 74 overdoses within 72 hours. This is more than double the amount of overdoses occurring in Chicago all of last year. These overdoses were all

CVS Pharmacy Now Carries Naloxone

  September 25, 2015   No comments

CVS Pharmacy is continuing to support the fight against addiction. The nationwide convenience store and pharmacy has expanded their naloxone program to 12 additional states. The company already provides naloxone,