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How Industries Are Adjusting to the Opioid Crisis

  July 20, 2018   No comments

Each week new research is published journaling the opioid crisis. The information being gathered needs to be shared. More and more professions are learning and mandating substance abuse trainings as

Overweight Young Girls Likely to Use Substances Early

  June 30, 2016   No comments

Physical and mental characteristics in childhood have often been linked to substance abuse later in life. Most recently, obesity in young girls has been linked to earlier use of marijuana,

Opioid Use Disorders Doubled in Last Ten Years

  June 28, 2016   No comments

A study conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry finds that rates of opioid use without a prescription

Substance Use in Middle School Leads to High School Problems

  June 24, 2016   No comments

Youths that begin drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in middle school are likely to have mental health problems and academic issues in high school, according to a study published in

Teens Do Not Consider Molly Ecstasy

  June 23, 2016   No comments

Although many nationwide surveys claim that ecstasy use in adolescents is decreasing, that may not be the case. This is due to the fact then when surveying, researchers do not

Do Painkillers Prolong Chronic Pain?

  June 21, 2016   No comments

Due to the thousands of overdoses caused by prescription medications each year, it is important that scientists research these powerful medications as much as possible. Researchers at the University of

Marijuana Users Think It’s OK to Smoke and Drive

  June 16, 2016   No comments

A study conducted by RTI International and published in Health Education Research finds that marijuana users believe it is okay to drive while high, and that they will not get

People Misusing Medication to Alleviate Chronic Pain

  June 15, 2016   No comments

Many studies have shown that people misusing medications, whether they are prescribed to them or not, are attempting to alleviate chronic pain issues. A new study published in the Journal

Smoking During Pregnancy Can Lead to ADHD

  June 7, 2016   No comments

It is well known that smoking during pregnancy affects the baby in numerous ways. It can lead to premature birth, low birth weight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It

New Candy-Like ADHD Medication Dangerous

  May 31, 2016   No comments

A new medication used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children is causing concern. The medication, named Adzenys, is a chewable, candy-flavored tablet that was approved by the