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America’s Youngest Victims of the Opioid Crisis

  July 13, 2018   No comments

In 2012, every twenty-five minutes a baby was born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). In 2015, the rate increased to every nineteen minutes a baby was born immediately thrown into

Women’s History Month: Honoring Ms. Peg Diehl

  March 30, 2018   No comments

  March is women’s history month. The most prominent woman in Seabrook’s rich 44-year history is Ms. Peg Diehl. Ms. Peg was not only monumental in Seabrook’s development, but the

Pennsville High School Addresses the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

  June 5, 2014   No comments

As prom season kicks into high gear, members of the Pennsville Memorial High School located in New Jersey took a proactive approach and recently held an assembly on the power

Rock Star Speaks Out On Addiction

  June 4, 2014   No comments

Ocean County Officials reached out to Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora to help educate and inform members of the community about drug addiction. Drawing from his own experience with drug

The Reality of Drug Addiction

  June 3, 2014   No comments

No one wakes up one day and says, “Today, I will become addicted to drugs”. That isn’t how it happens. Whether it was using an illegal drug for the first

Veterans and Drugs

  June 2, 2014   No comments

Memorial Day just past, a day filled with celebrations, barbeques, fireworks and remembering those who serve and have served our great nation. One thing many of us don’t think of

Heroin Use Growing in the Pocono Region

  May 30, 2014   No comments

Whether it is a minor looking for their first high or an adult seeking pain relief, the number of people using prescription drugs is increasing. Although once hooked, it can

The Power of Positive Thinking

  May 29, 2014   No comments

Each day we all make choices. We choose what to have for breakfast, what outfit to wear and which route to take to work or school. We also choose to

Pharmaceutical Companies Accused of Painkiller Deception

  May 28, 2014   No comments

Two California counties have filed a lawsuit accusing five drug companies of waging a campaign of deception to boost sales of painkillers. Orange and Santa Clara counties filed the suit

“Those whose approval you seek most give you the least.” -Maurice Chevalier

  May 25, 2014   No comments

There are many of us in recovery and life in general constantly seeking other people’s approval and always worrying, asking yourself if you are being judged. The need for approval