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Lessons Learned in Recovery Month

  September 28, 2018   No comments

Overdose Awareness Day on August 31rst often leaves us feeling somber and hopeless. Beginning September 1rst is Recovery Month is dedicated to celebrating those living in recovery. So often achievements

Overdose Awareness Day Tribute

  August 31, 2018   No comments

Overdose Awareness Day is on August 31st. You may see purple ribbons all over your community. Strung along telephone poles, bulletin boards, and online purple ribbons will be plastered to

Drugs are only a Symptom of the Disease

  July 21, 2017   No comments

The disease of addiction was prevalent in my life before I ever picked up a substance. I can remember my friends and I riding bikes across town to shoplift from

Fear Of…

  July 11, 2017   No comments

Fear is a big part of recovery. It is not always a bad thing. We had fear when we were drinking, using. We drank so that we wouldn’t feel fear.

How Free do you want to be?

  March 31, 2017   No comments

Could you imagine being able to function on a daily basis without putting a substance into your body? Ever think about having a family of your own, going back to

Knowing when to Step Back…

  December 16, 2016   No comments

Having a career in the addictions field and also being in recovery myself, I get a lot of people that come to me for advice. Sometimes it is for referrals

Spiritual Bankruptcy

  November 10, 2016   No comments

Those foxhole prayers and intermittent cries for help don’t constitute the definition of spirituality that’s needed for recovery from a mental, physical, and spiritual malady such as addiction. What is

It’s One Day at a Time

  October 28, 2016   No comments

How much time do you have? Everyone wants to know! I have today! That’s what really matters, and that each day, I ask my Higher Power once again for my

Positive Thinking…

  October 14, 2016   No comments

When it rain it pours!  It feels like the world wants to throw curve balls at me one after another.  Bills need to be paid, cars breaking down, house needs

Celebrate The Miracle!

  September 9, 2016   No comments

There are many things we celebrate in our lifetime. One of the most important celebrations in my heart that I hold close is my clean date. There were years I