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Adolescents Influenced by Substance Use in the Environments
18 December

Findings from Duke University, published in the journal of Development and Psychopathology, find that adolescents are more likely to use

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Substance Abuse in Canadian Students
16 December

Although the rate of alcohol consumption among Canadian students has decreased within the past twenty years, the students are still

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Build Family Relationships to Lower Likelihood of Substance Abuse
15 December

Having an open relationship with your children may deter them from using drugs, according to a study published in Drug

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Women Are Consuming More Alcohol
8 December

Previous research has shown that men consume more alcohol than women. However, new findings by the National Institute of Health

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Having Fun In Recovery
7 December

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist One of the top things I hear people talk about when trying to get

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Some Drug and Alcohol Users Underestimate Consumption Levels
1 December

According to research from the Global Drug Survey (GDS), published in the journal of Social Science and Medicine, 68 percent

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Explaining Addiction To My Children
30 November

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist When I got sober, my children ranged in age from seven to 25. My

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Sobriety During the Holiday Season
25 November

The holidays are upon us. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks with family and friends. And although

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E-Cigarette Users More Likely to Drink
24 November

A new study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors looks at secondary effects of e-cigarettes and how they can be

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Strong Alcohol Laws Associated with Lower Cirrhosis Deaths
16 October

States with strong alcohol laws have a lower amount of cirrhosis deaths, according to a collaborative study conducted by researchers

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