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Energy Drinks and Heart Health
10 February

Consuming energy drinks, especially in large amounts, can lead to adverse heart reactions. A study published in the International Journal

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Study Finds Gambling Rates High In Middle School Students
9 February

A study published in Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics links gambling and substance use disorders among middle school students.

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NTSB Proposes Lower Legal Limit on Blood Alcohol Content
5 February

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wants to lower the legal blood alcohol limit in 2016. They propose that the

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We Must Walk Before We Run
25 January

Common things I hear from addicts in the 12 step meetings are “When will I get my family’s trust back?” and “When can I

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New Saliva Test In Development
22 January

The number of visits to the emergency room related to alcohol continues to rise. Research shows that these visits may

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Teens Influenced By Substance Use in Music Videos
21 January

In today’s world, teenagers rarely listen to the radio to hear the latest hits. Instead, they are on the website

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Co-Occurring Disorders
20 January

There is conflicting information provided by medical professionals on if it is safe to drink any amount of alcohol during

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Sober Anniversaries
19 January

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist An anniversary in sobriety can mean more to a recovering addict than their own

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Fear of Not Knowing
11 January

Blog Post By: Alumni Relations Specialist Sometimes the fear of not knowing is worse than knowing. However, we come into

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Drinking Habits and Financial Stress
8 January

When people are under financial stress, they sometimes turn to alcohol for comfort. This is heightened by loss of employment

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