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Alcohol and Sleep Disruptions

  December 1, 2014   No comments

According to researchers from Boston University School of Medicine, alcoholics experience disruptive sleep schedules for long periods of time after alcohol abuse stops. Many former alcoholics complain that they can

New Date-Rape Drug Detector in Development

  November 28, 2014   No comments

Scientists and technological developers are constantly inventing new devices that help prevent date-rape. Not long ago, a group of students invented a nail polish that changes colors when dipped in

Stay Sober Throughout the Holidays

  November 24, 2014   No comments

The holiday season can be hard for an addict or alcoholic in recovery. It is filled with family gatherings, parties and other social events that all usually involve alcohol. For

Alcohol Abuse in College

  November 20, 2014   No comments

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, four out of five college students drink alcohol. Half of these students that drink also binge drink, which is defined

Stress Can Lead to Addiction

  November 12, 2014   No comments

More often than not, after a long and hard work day people will come home and numb their pain with alcohol or drugs. This is usually because people lack coping

How Binge Drinking During Teenage Years Affects the Adult Brain

  November 11, 2014   No comments

The Journal of Neuroscience recently published a study on how binge drinking alcohol during teenage years has a lasting effect on the brain into adulthood. Researchers used rats to study

Smoking Alcohol: A New and Dangerous Trend

  November 10, 2014   No comments

Teenagers are always looking for new ways to get a buzz while underage. In the past, they have taken drastic and strange measures to get alcohol into their systems. The newest