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Simplicity is Key!

  March 3, 2015   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Simplicity is important for all addicts. We always need to keep it simple. The more we try to complicate everything, the less we seem

Hispanics at High Risk for Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases

  February 27, 2015   No comments

Study shows Hispanics are more at risk for developing an alcohol-related liver disease at an earlier age than Caucasians or blacks. Researchers from the study, which was published in the

Let’s Stop the Sales of Powdered Alcohol

  February 19, 2015   No comments

We’ve seen all sorts of trends the past few months of different ways to get alcohol into the bloodstream. There has been vaporized alcohol, alcohol enemas, and now powdered alcohol.

What is Drunkorexia?

  February 17, 2015   No comments

Drunkorexia is a slang term defined as starving oneself to save calories for binge drinking at a later time. This often occurs in college students who want to drink excessively

Drugged Driving Becoming More Popular Than Drunk Driving

  February 11, 2015   No comments

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released the results of the 2013-2014 National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers. These results come from a random sample

Could Reducing Alcohol Outlets Lower Domestic Violence Rates?

  February 3, 2015   No comments

There is a known link between violence, specifically domestic violence, and substance use disorders. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, alcohol abuse is a leading risk factor for

High Consumption of Alcohol Increases Stroke Risk

  February 2, 2015   No comments

New research shows that middle-aged people who drink more than two alcoholic beverages a day have a higher risk of stroke than those who drink 1/2-1 drink per day. This

Alcohol Advertisements During Super Bowl

  January 30, 2015   No comments

If you’re not a football fan, watching the Super Bowl actually means watching the commercials. On average, there is about 45 minutes worth of commercials during the biggest sports event

Dry Bars: A New and Welcomed Trend

  January 29, 2015   No comments

Dry bars are an evolving trend that is sure to be loved by the recovery community. A dry bar is an alcohol free bar that offers tasty, non-alcoholic drinks to

Does Alcohol Interfere With Your Medications?

  January 23, 2015   1 Comment

Scientists from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently completed a very important study on the interactions of medications with alcohol. This study is very important because 70