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Alcohol Awareness Month 2015

  April 1, 2015   No comments

This April marks the 29th Alcohol Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). The NCADD has sponsored this month long event since 1987, hoping

Celebrities Glamorizing Drugs and Alcohol on Social Media

  March 31, 2015   No comments

As social media popularity rises, more and more celebrities are signing up for the websites to connect with their fans and share their lives. The most mainstream social sites celebrities

Three Drinks a Day Increases Cancer Risk

  March 30, 2015   No comments

The World Cancer Research Fund finds that the leading cause of liver cancer is consuming three alcoholic drinks per day. This was discovered after researchers analyzed 34 studies that involved

Addiction in the Workplace

  March 26, 2015   No comments

Have you noticed one of your coworkers coming into work high or drunk on a regular basis? Or maybe this person takes long lunches in order to go to the

Should New Cars be Equipped with BAC testers?

  March 25, 2015   No comments

Over ten thousand people die each year due to alcohol related accidents. Because this  number is so high, researchers are always looking for new and innovative ways to prevent these

Could A Lower Legal Drinking Age Lead to Less Alcoholism?

  March 23, 2015   No comments

A widespread debate among Americans is the legal drinking age. Across the United States, the age you must be to consume or buy alcohol is 21. Some people find this

You Don’t Have to Drink to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

  March 17, 2015   No comments

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 46 percent of adult Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although not all of them will be celebrating this Irish holiday by drinking,

YouTube Videos Do Not Show Reality of Drinking Alcohol

  March 10, 2015   No comments

Videos of alcohol use are all over the internet, especially on the video streaming website YouTube. The main focus of all of these videos is humor. Most of them show

Spring Forward

  March 9, 2015   No comments

This year as we are either over sleeping, running late or are just annoyed that all are clocks are wrong, we could be grateful! As we are going around the

Education on Binge Drinking Not Always Effective

  March 5, 2015   No comments

New research shows education on binge drinking only temporarily modifies drinking behavior in college students. This comes from a yearlong study conducted by the American Psychological Association. For this study,