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How to Make It Through Each Day Without Drinking

  July 12, 2019   No comments

When you first commit to stop drinking, you’ve taken your first steps on the pathway to sobriety. In the earliest stages of recovery, getting from morning to night without giving

Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

  April 3, 2019   No comments

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month, founded and sponsored by The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (now Facing Addiction with NCADD). Established in 1987, Alcohol Awareness Month aims to help

It’s COA Awareness Week!

  February 13, 2019   No comments

This week is COA Awareness Week, an international and national awareness campaign designed by the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA) to help break the silence and offer hope

Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Rehab

  September 7, 2018   No comments

Ninety-five percent of people with alcohol abuse disorder do not believe they are an alcoholic let alone need alcohol rehab. Seven hundred thousand people are treated each year for alcohol

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month

  April 4, 2018   No comments

This month marks the 31st celebration of Alcohol Awareness Month, founded and sponsored by The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) in an effort to reduce the

Sober Super Bowl Sunday

  February 2, 2018   No comments

This weekend the Philadelphia Eagles will be battling the New England Patriots for the NFL Championship. Millions of people across the United States will gather to watch the game. Typical

Fear Of…

  July 11, 2017   No comments

Fear is a big part of recovery. It is not always a bad thing. We had fear when we were drinking, using. We drank so that we wouldn’t feel fear.

4 Ways to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

  March 15, 2017   No comments

Did you know that pubs were traditionally closed on St. Patrick’s Day and, instead, the Irish went to church to celebrate their culture? The point is that you can still

Gift of Recovery

  November 25, 2016   No comments

The holiday season is a time when other factors come into play that can compound problems associated with substance abuse and addiction. This time of year is the highest risk

Overweight Young Girls Likely to Use Substances Early

  June 30, 2016   No comments

Physical and mental characteristics in childhood have often been linked to substance abuse later in life. Most recently, obesity in young girls has been linked to earlier use of marijuana,