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Addiction Recovery Specialist – The Seabrook Difference

Addiction Recovery Specialist

Addiction Recovery Specialist. It is all in the same. Our team of addiction recovery specialists are dedicated to the purpose, people, and areas they serve. While some companies prefer titles such as recruiters, business development specialists, treatment consultants, marketing representatives, treatment advocate, or community liaisons, Seabrook found Addiction Recovery Specialist to be the most fitting title for what our outreach team does.

The individuals and families we help are not looking for a sales pitch. When seeking detox in New Jersey or any other state, families are looking for a genuine connection with someone who understands their pain, and has a plan for their recovery. We are constantly adjusting our approaches and services to best accommodate the industry that we serve. If you are looking for the best rehab for you or a loved one, our addiction recovery specialists have authentic experience with mental health and substance abuse disorders, allowing them to provide a higher level of care compared to competitors.

As hospitals began hosting volunteers to meet with overdose survivors, Seabrook took the initiative to mandate our addiction recovery specialists to become Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) as well. CPRS act as mentors for those beginning their journey to recovery. They create recovery plans, give individuals the tools to maintain those plans, demonstrate the skills to maintain things such as employment and housing, as well as encouraging them to keep up with their appointments, and motivating them along the way.

To further our value to the community, our team of addiction recovery specialists are all SBIRT certified. This means that our team is accredited to go into offices and centers to train interested parties in responding to someone with substance use disorder. SBIRT is a course designed to teach people to identify, reduce, and prevent substance use disorder. During the current opioid crisis, it is vital for everyone to have a baseline understanding of how to appropriately respond to someone you assume may be suffering from substance use disorder.

Our team understands that no one’s path to recovery is linear. Recovery is considered anyone actively engaged in active change to improve their overall health. To be clear, being in recovery does not mean absolute abstinence. We understand that. Therefore, we educate those we work with on a wide variety of approaches to long-lasting sobriety expanding far past 12-step meetings. Being an Addiction Recovery Specialist means endorse self-determination and responsibility, give them the tools and resources to manage their symptoms, and assist in achieving personal recovery goals set by the individual. Our specialists even help patients and families understand what transitional living is.

Currently, our outreach team consists of seven Addiction Recovery Specialists. Each specialist is designated an area for them to specialize in and become experts in recovery for the people of that area. The north team covers territories raging from New York City to Burlington County, New Jersey. The south team refers to our specialists who are well-versed in areas ranging from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Find out here who is responsible for your area.

We would love for you to meet our team of Addiction Recovery Specialists. This Fall, Seabrook will be hosting an Open House at our main campus located in Bridgeton, New Jersey. We encourage you to come find out for yourself what sets our team of Addiction Recovery Specialists apart from others in the field of addiction treatment. If you are a professional, family member or friend of someone needing help for substance abuse, please feel free to call any of our representatives for help and guidance,      800-761-7575.