4 Smart Money Steps

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4 Smart Money Steps

money tipsFor people in recovery, financial health is often one area that needs a little tender love and care. After all, years of drug or alcohol abuse likely took a big toll on your wallet. You may have neglected bills or wracked up credit card debt. Luckily, you can take back control of your financial future with a little organization, planning and self-control. Get started by following these steps:

  1. Ask a loved one for help. Sorting through piles of bills and/or debt collection notices is pretty overwhelming and you’ll likely need support. Recruit a friend or family member to help as you get started.
  2.  Make a list. Detail any recurring bills (along with due dates) and begin to figure out what needs to be paid and when. Consider setting up an automatic bill pay or alert on your smartphone prior to the due dates.
  3. Curb credit card spending. Unfortunately, credit card debt is all-too common for people in addiction recovery. Getting a handle on it requires a multi-step plan: Remove your credit cards from your wallet so you’re less likely to use them; create an inventory of your current balances; and call your creditors to inquire about lower interest rates.
  4. Budget yourself. Ask yourself: “What do I absolutely need and what can I do without?” Next, make a list and set a budget for yourself and/or your family. Search for a free app to help you create a monthly budget – and then make a big effort to stick with it!

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