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Recovery Garden- Jasmine

  May 15, 2020   No comments

Recovery Garden- Jasmine After planting your lavender in your recovery garden try planting jasmine. The yellow/white jasmine sports a pleasant, flowery scent that directly impacts the brain’s nervous system. Therefore,

Compassion and comradery are shining throughout Seabrook

  May 14, 2020   No comments Seabrook’s top priority for over 46 years has always been treating addiction and saving lives. During this pandemic Seabrook team members are continuing to come together and fight the

Seabrook’s daily routine in staying ahead of COVID-19

  May 6, 2020   No comments From the desk of Joseph Ranieri, DO, FASAM, FAAFP, DABPM, DABFM, Medicail Director at Seabook. It is our responsibility to save lives. Seabrook has been ahead of the curve

Recovery Garden- Lavender

  May 6, 2020   No comments

A lot of physiological challenges happen as your body begins withdrawal (detox) and restore itself. Did you know lavender can be a significant layer to the healing journey in recovery?

Spring into Recovery with a Recovery Garden

  May 1, 2020   No comments

Looking to take up a new hobby? Did you know gardening is a healthy activity that comes with a lot benefits for your recovery? It’s true. Therefore, planting a garden