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How to Help a Loved One Stay Sober

  August 23, 2019   No comments

When someone you love has admitted they need help for their addiction and have entered treatment, you should admire them for their courage and commitment. The journey toward improved health

How Can You Have Fun at Night Without Drinking?

  August 16, 2019   No comments

In recovery, nighttime may take on an entirely new meaning as you contemplate life without drinking. After all, it’s common for many people’s evening routines to include a few glasses

How to Get Better-Quality Sleep in Addiction Recovery

  August 9, 2019   No comments

These days, almost every adult seems to be sleep-deprived, but lack of sleep is a particular challenge for people in recovery. Loss of quality shut-eye can not only leave you

Coming to Terms With Shame in Recovery

  August 2, 2019   No comments

Everyone struggles with shame and guilt occasionally, but these feelings are especially common for those in early recovery. While you might assume shame is an excellent motivator for helping you