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Sober Winter Fun in New Jersey

  December 27, 2018   No comments

The long, cold dark days of winter can be challenging for people in recovery. Fortunately, planning a few fun, sober activities can make all the difference when it comes to

Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

  December 20, 2018   No comments

The holidays are a time of great emotion. Those emotions can be enchanting or somber. Recovery is different for every person. Additionally, everyone has different circumstances that construct their perception

Does Empathy Play a Role in Relapse?

  December 19, 2018   No comments

Having empathy, or understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and point of view, is usually a good thing. In fact, it’s considered a key feature in normal social interaction. But

Should Doctor Visits Include a Drinking Checkup?

  December 12, 2018   No comments

The United States Preventative Service Task is urging all primary care physicians to give adults, ages 21 to 64, a “drinking checkup” at annual exams. The goal: To screen for

Study Reveals Five Types of Problem Drinkers

  December 5, 2018   No comments

We already know that treating alcohol use disorders is complicated – but now a new study says it may even more complex than we think. That’s because researchers at Penn