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Sufentanil, Fentanyl’s Cousin Approved by FDA

  November 29, 2018   No comments

Fentanyl has been credited with fueling the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States. In the midst of the national health emergency, Fentanyl’s more potent analogue has been authorized for

Nurse Burnout: What You Need to Know

  November 28, 2018   No comments

Burnout is a growing concern among nurses. Long shifts of 12 or more hours can lead to exhaustion and stress. Plus, many nurses are dealing with the emotional strain of

Stay-Sober Tips for Turkey Day

  November 20, 2018   No comments

Whether you’re about to spend your first Thanksgiving post-rehab or have several Turkey Days under your belt, these stay-sober tips will ensure you have a happy, healthy holiday! Count your

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

  November 20, 2018   No comments

Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20th is the premiere event of Trans Awareness Week running from November 12th – 19th, 2018. Transgender Day of Remembrance has been recognized since 1999,

Are You Moving Enough? New Physical Exercise Guidelines Released

  November 14, 2018   No comments

Making physical activity a regular part of your new sober life is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself during recovery. Certainly this isn’t the first

Honoring Veteran’s Day

  November 12, 2018   No comments

On Veteran’s Day, we honor the sacrifice millions of veterans have made physically and mentally. Too often, the wounds of war are not left on the battlefield. In 2010, 1.2

Heroin, Fentanyl Remain Greatest Drug Threats

  November 7, 2018   No comments

The DEA recent released The 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA) and there’s both good and bad news. First, the good news: According to the U.S. health secretary Alex Azar,