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Overdose Awareness Day Tribute

  August 31, 2018   No comments

Overdose Awareness Day is on August 31st. You may see purple ribbons all over your community. Strung along telephone poles, bulletin boards, and online purple ribbons will be plastered to

Mass K2 Overdose Sign of National Crisis

  August 22, 2018   No comments

You’ve certainly heard the heartbreaking news by now: More than 100 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or spice, in the New Haven green, a historic park

For Families: Empathy Over Tough Love for Loved Ones With Opioid Addiction

  August 15, 2018   No comments

NPR recently ran an article debating the “tough love” approach when it comes to helping a loved one with opioid addiction. The piece begins by telling the story of parents whose

Opioid Abusers Turning to New Fixes

  August 8, 2018   No comments

A new government report sheds light on a new trend that suggests those who abuse opioids might be turning to a new fix: tianeptine. An unapproved antidepressant, tianeptine (Coaxil, Stablon)

Remembering Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

  August 2, 2018   No comments

Each year, 64,000 people die of drug related overdoses. That equates to 128,000 parents who lose a child, and 256,000 grandparents. Dreams of the future are shifted to memories of

Seabrook Has Stamp of Approval from LegitScript

  August 1, 2018   No comments

Seabrook is now LegitScript certified, which means we’re now able to promote our services and help more families find the courage to begin the recovery journey toward lasting sobriety. After