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Is Smiling the Secret to Improved Running?
21 February

Looking to improve your running? You might want to “fake it until you make it,” say researchers. A new study

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Could Exercise Help Prevent and Treat Teen Substance Abuse?
15 February

Is exercise the anecdote for teen addiction? That’s the question researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and

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Could a Natural Painkiller Nasal Spray Replace Addictive Opioids?
7 February

Could a nasal spray help people avoid opioid addiction? Well, that’s the hope of scientists from University College London who

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Sober Super Bowl Sunday
2 February

This weekend the Philadelphia Eagles will be battling the New England Patriots for the NFL Championship. Millions of people across

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Study: Mindfulness May Help Reduce Drug and Alcohol Cravings
1 February

A new study confirms what many in the field of addiction already know: Mindfulness strategies can help prevent cravings for

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