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4 Reasons to Continue Talk Therapy

  July 26, 2017   No comments

If you’re in rehab, it’s likely that talk therapy – between you and a therapist, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or an addiction counselor – has been part of your recovery

What You Need to Know About Family Intervention

  July 21, 2017   No comments

Does your loved one need a “carefrontation” or family intervention? This type of sensitive, guided confrontation may be the first step in getting your loved one the proper treatment he

Drugs are only a Symptom of the Disease

  July 21, 2017   No comments

The disease of addiction was prevalent in my life before I ever picked up a substance. I can remember my friends and I riding bikes across town to shoplift from

Tips for Finding a Job After Rehab

  July 12, 2017   No comments

Searching for a job is stressful for anyone – and even more so if you’re returning to work after some time spent in rehab. But finding (and maintaining) employment is

Fear Of…

  July 11, 2017   No comments

Fear is a big part of recovery. It is not always a bad thing. We had fear when we were drinking, using. We drank so that we wouldn’t feel fear.

Common Fears About Rehab – And How to Overcome Them

  July 7, 2017   No comments

Making the decision to enter rehab isn’t easy and it can be downright scary. But letting fear get in the way of your sobriety is one decision you’ll be sure