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5 More Reasons to Add Exercise to Your Recovery

  May 24, 2017   No comments

By now, you’re likely not too surprised to hear that exercise is an important part of the addiction recovery process. Yoga mats and fitness equipments are becoming mainstays of many rehabs

4 Smart Money Steps

  May 17, 2017   No comments

For people in recovery, financial health is often one area that needs a little tender love and care. After all, years of drug or alcohol abuse likely took a big

Habits That Cause Sleep Woes

  May 10, 2017   No comments

If you’re struggling with sleep woes, you’re not alone. In fact, trouble falling and staying asleep is a pretty common problem for people in recovery. According to one study, you have

Say No to Negative Thoughts

  May 3, 2017   No comments

“I’m never going to finish rehab.” “No one will ever love me again.” “I’m never going to have a career again.” Inaccurate, exaggerated thoughts (deemed as “cognitive distortions” in the