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How Free do you want to be?

  March 31, 2017   No comments

Could you imagine being able to function on a daily basis without putting a substance into your body? Ever think about having a family of your own, going back to

Start Your Day With These Breakfast Superfoods

  March 29, 2017   No comments

Your morning meal can set the tone for what you eat and how good you feel for the remainder of the day. In general, the best breakfasts have three core elements:

Managing Stress for a Better Recovery

  March 23, 2017   No comments

From managing finances to avoiding triggers, stress is an inevitable part of life and recovery. And if you have a substance use disorder, your brain may even be more hypersensitivity to

4 Ways to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

  March 15, 2017   No comments

Did you know that pubs were traditionally closed on St. Patrick’s Day and, instead, the Irish went to church to celebrate their culture? The point is that you can still

Quit Smoking for the Sake of Your Recovery

  March 9, 2017   No comments

Looking for yet another reason to stop smoking? This may just be the best one yet (besides the fact that it can save your life, that is): Giving up cigarettes

The Whisper of Hope

  March 3, 2017   No comments

When the world says give up, hope whispers, try it one more time. Hope has the ability to heal those struggling with addiction. Hope allows addicts to face their challenges