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School Nurses are Helpful in Preventing Addiction

  September 30, 2016   No comments

School nurses deal with countless amounts of children on a daily basis. Children come to them for something as simple as needing a band aid or something as complicated as

It’s Not your Addiction

  September 22, 2016   No comments

Living with a parent who is an addict can be extremely difficult. If you, yourself don’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol it is nearly impossible to understand the

National Recovery Month

  September 16, 2016   No comments

September is National Recovery Month. Recovery Month’s purpose is to educate people on the disease of addiction and mental health issues and to spread positive and encouraging messages to those

Celebrate The Miracle!

  September 9, 2016   No comments

There are many things we celebrate in our lifetime. One of the most important celebrations in my heart that I hold close is my clean date. There were years I

Summer Hurrah

  September 2, 2016   No comments

Labor Day weekend is generally the last kind of “summer hurrah” and lots of people are out traveling. Labor Day brings with it a chance to recognize hard work while