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New Candy-Like ADHD Medication Dangerous

  May 31, 2016   No comments

A new medication used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children is causing concern. The medication, named Adzenys, is a chewable, candy-flavored tablet that was approved by the

Marijuana Use and Behavioral Problems Linked

  May 26, 2016   No comments

The rate of marijuana use in adolescents is declining, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. From the years 2002

E-cigarettes not helping smokers quit

  May 25, 2016   No comments

E-cigarettes are frequently marketed as an easy alternative to smoking, and a helpful way to quit. However, they may not actually be helping people quit, according to a study published

Alcohol Taxes and Excessive Drinkers

  May 24, 2016   No comments

There are many contrary opinions on increasing taxes on alcohol. Some believe it will discourage people from drinking, thus reducing the binge drinking rates and illnesses caused by alcohol. Others

Sharing the Story

  May 23, 2016   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Why do we share our stories? What is the point? Some may think it’s because we like to hear ourselves talk. Yet there is

Does Drinking Make You Happier?

  May 20, 2016   No comments

A Smartphone application called “Mappiness” and data from the British Cohort 1970 Study (BCS70) look into if alcohol can make a person happier long term. Alcohol is seen by many

Witnessing a Teachable Moment May Make Parents Quit Smoking

  May 19, 2016   No comments

Parents who smoke and have children with asthma are more likely to quit smoking after having counseling or witnessing what is called a “teachable moment” (TM). A TM could be

Young Children Exposed to Alcohol Ads

  May 18, 2016   No comments

Young children are being exposed to at least two alcohol advertisements per day, according to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. The study tracked

Acetaminophen Reduces Empathy

  May 17, 2016   No comments

The most common drug ingredient in the United States, Acetaminophen, may not only reduce your pain, but also decrease your empathy for others. According to researchers from The Ohio State


  May 16, 2016   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist It says it right in the 1st step.  We admitted we were powerless. What exactly does that mean?  The definition of powerless is “without