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Amphetamine Alters Brain Signaling

  March 31, 2016   No comments

Prolonged use of amphetamine during adolescence can lead to changes in brain functions that last into adulthood, according to a study published in the journal Neuroscience. Psychostimulant drugs like amphetamine

NJ Hospital Offers Alternatives to Opioids

  March 30, 2016   No comments

A hospital in Seabrook’s home state of New Jersey will be the first to begin a program to manage patient’s pain without the use of opioid medications. The hospital, St.

Spring Break and Binge Drinking

  March 29, 2016   No comments

For college students, spring break is an entire week of worry-free partying. Many students use this week to take a vacation with friends. Popular destinations for these vacations include Mexico,

Unnecessary Medications Prescribed After Surgeries

  March 28, 2016   No comments

Physicians are prescribing high amounts of opioid medications to patients after noninvasive surgeries, according to a study published in JAMA. These amount and dosage of the prescriptions may be unnecessary

Marijuana Use Disorder Affects 6 Percent of Adults

  March 25, 2016   No comments

Despite popular belief, it is possible to become addicted to marijuana. In fact, 2.5 percent of American adults have experienced marijuana use disorder just within the last year. Over 6

New York State to Move to Electronic Prescriptions

  March 24, 2016   No comments

Beginning next week, New York physicians will have to say goodbye to their prescription pads and hello to electronic prescriptions. This new law follows the 2012 law I-Stop, which was

FDA Requires New Warning Labels on Addictive Medication

  March 23, 2016   No comments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced yesterday safety labeling changes for immediate-release (IR) opioid pain medications. There now must be warnings on the medications about the risks of

Scent of Alcohol Can Change Behaviors

  March 22, 2016   No comments

The smell of alcohol can cause people to lose their self-control and change their behaviors, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Edge Hill University in the United

Inhalant Abuse in Teens

  March 21, 2016   No comments

Children sniffing glue and markers in elementary school may not be as innocent as it seems. Inhalant abuse is on the rise, and because the inhalants are legal, this can

Former Smokers Likely to Pick Habit Back Up After Pregnancy

  March 18, 2016   No comments

Smoking tobacco products can have countless negative health effects on a person. Smoking these products while pregnant is even more dangerous, harming both the mother and the baby. According to