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Most Adults Do Not Support Powdered Alcohol
30 June

According to a recent poll, most United States adults do not agree with the sales of powdered alcohol, especially to

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E-Cigarette Sales on the Rise
29 June

According to a new study conducted by Euromonitor International, the sales of e-cigarettes globally has doubled to 6 billion from

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Adolescents Believe Marijuana and E-Cigarettes are Harmless
26 June

A study conducted by Stanford University Medical Center and published in the Journal of Adolescent Health finds that adolescents see

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Synthetic Drugs Being Shipped in from China
25 June

Synthetic drugs are continually coming into the United States from multiple manufacturers in China. These synthetic drugs, similar to those

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Alcohol Delivery Services
24 June

It’s a concept that has been years in the making but only recently came to be- home alcohol delivery. Alcohol

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Hawaii Becomes First State to Raise Legal Smoking Age
23 June

Starting in 2016, Hawaiians will have to be 21 years or older to purchase cigarettes. This new ruling makes Hawaii

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What is ‘Dabbing?’
22 June

‘Dabbing,’ a drug trend that involves inhaling marijuana vapors, is rising in popularity yet again. This trend was popular years

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Half of Cancer Deaths Linked to Smoking
19 June

A United States study claims that cigarettes are linked to nearly half of smoking-related cancers. This estimate was made through

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Alcohol Can Increase THC Concentration in Blood
18 June

Mixing alcohol with marijuana increases THC concentration in the blood, a new study reports. The study, published in Clinical Chemistry,

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Alarming Number of Heroin Deaths in NJ
17 June

According to data released by the New Jersey Medical Examiner’s Office, the number of heroin overdoses in the state has

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