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Celebrities Glamorizing Drugs and Alcohol on Social Media

  March 31, 2015   No comments

As social media popularity rises, more and more celebrities are signing up for the websites to connect with their fans and share their lives. The most mainstream social sites celebrities

Three Drinks a Day Increases Cancer Risk

  March 30, 2015   No comments

The World Cancer Research Fund finds that the leading cause of liver cancer is consuming three alcoholic drinks per day. This was discovered after researchers analyzed 34 studies that involved

Doctor Shopping

  March 27, 2015   No comments

Addicts often go to great lengths to get their drug of choice, even by lying to medical professionals. A popular drug among addicts, prescription pain pills, can be easily prescribed

Addiction in the Workplace

  March 26, 2015   No comments

Have you noticed one of your coworkers coming into work high or drunk on a regular basis? Or maybe this person takes long lunches in order to go to the

Should New Cars be Equipped with BAC testers?

  March 25, 2015   No comments

Over ten thousand people die each year due to alcohol related accidents. Because this  number is so high, researchers are always looking for new and innovative ways to prevent these

The Solution

  March 24, 2015   No comments

Blog Post By: Alumni Relations Specialist We were powerless. We had to find a power greater than ourselves, and when we did, miracles happened. On page 25 in the 4th

Could A Lower Legal Drinking Age Lead to Less Alcoholism?

  March 23, 2015   No comments

A widespread debate among Americans is the legal drinking age. Across the United States, the age you must be to consume or buy alcohol is 21. Some people find this

Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinets

  March 20, 2015   No comments

It’s finally spring! For most people, the warm weather usually comes with the task of spring cleaning. Many take the time during the change of seasons to clean out their

Pregnant Teens are Likely to Use Drugs or Alcohol

  March 19, 2015   No comments

A study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors reports that 59 percent of pregnant teens have used one or more illicit substances in the last 12 months. This is two

Marijuana Abusers Could Have Abnormally Shaped Hippocampuses

  March 18, 2015   No comments

A new study published last week in the journal Hippocampus finds that young adults who smoked cannabis frequently as teens performed 18 percent worse on memory tests than young adults