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Hispanics at High Risk for Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases

  February 27, 2015   No comments

Study shows Hispanics are more at risk for developing an alcohol-related liver disease at an earlier age than Caucasians or blacks. Researchers from the study, which was published in the

Multiple Molly Overdoses At Wesleyan University

  February 26, 2015   No comments

Last weekend, 12 Wesleyan University students were rushed to the hospital due to drug overdoses. All 12 students tested positive for the party drug Molly, a dangerous mix of MDMA

Reaching Out

  February 25, 2015   No comments

One of the questions that was asked this past Alumni day was, “What do I do when I’m ready to use and I just don’t care?”  The response was, call

Drug Using Oscar Statue

  February 24, 2015   No comments

On Sunday, February 22, millions of Americans sat down to view the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Most enjoy watching the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and look up to these

Nursing Home Residents Regularly Given Unneeded Medication

  February 23, 2015   No comments

It is not uncommon for nursing homes to sedate disruptive residents. The residents get upset because they either don’t want to be in the home, don’t know why they are

Natural Approaches To Help Insomnia

  February 20, 2015   No comments

Insomnia is a very uncomfortable condition in which a person is unable to sleep comfortably through the night. It is also unfortunately a big part of early recovery. Because of

Let’s Stop the Sales of Powdered Alcohol

  February 19, 2015   No comments

We’ve seen all sorts of trends the past few months of different ways to get alcohol into the bloodstream. There has been vaporized alcohol, alcohol enemas, and now powdered alcohol.

Do Not Share Your Medication

  February 18, 2015   No comments

Have you at some point in time shared medication with a family member or friend? Maybe you and your significant other both caught the same virus, and you decided to

What is Drunkorexia?

  February 17, 2015   No comments

Drunkorexia is a slang term defined as starving oneself to save calories for binge drinking at a later time. This often occurs in college students who want to drink excessively

Rising Number of Addicted Babies Born

  February 13, 2015   No comments

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) showed an increasing number of newborns already addicted to narcotics. The number of newborns in Ontario born addicted to drugs